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Cracker Snackers

Cooking Time

5 minutes



Serves Up To


Nutrition Information

Total Fat143.4 g
Cholesterol237.1 mg
Sodium3,591.6 mg
Potassium2,279.5 mg
Total Carbohydrates135.4 g
Dietary Fiber20.1 g
Sugars63.7 g
Protein84.8 g



  1. Roll a small ball of cream cheese between the palms of your hand.

  2. Place the cream cheese ball into the topping of your choice. Almonds, mango, cranberry.

  3. Pair with any Blue Diamond Nut-Thins® Crackers and enjoy!


  • Blue Diamond Nut-Thins® Cheddar Cheese Crackers
  • Blue Diamond Nut-Thins® Hint of Sea Salt Crackers
  • Blue Diamond Nut-Thins® Sriracha Crackers
  • 8 ounces cream cheese
  • Chopped Wasabi & Soy Sauce Flavored Blue Diamond Almonds
  • Chopped mango
  • Chopped cranberry

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