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Thin Dipped Almonds

Chocolate covered almond
Half chocolate dipped almond

Crunchy. Chocolaty. Carefree.

Feel good about indulging in your cravings. If you’re in need of a sweet escape without feeling guilty, these rich and creamy snacks are perfect for you. Take a trip to the delightful side.

1/2 the Sugar*. One sweet treat.

New Thin Dipped Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Almonds

Dark Chocolate
Sea Salt Caramel

New Thin Dipped Double Dark Chocolate Almonds

Double Dark

Thin dipped. Full of delight.

These delectable treats are serious snack goals with no artificial flavors, coloring, shiny, or wax coatings. Go ahead, have a handful.

No Artificial Colors or Flavors


No Shiny Wax or Glaze

Guilt-free bliss.

What’s under all that rich thin-dipped coating? Our superfood** almonds that are packed with nutritional benefits. Experience a new kind of joy.

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  • *1/2 the sugar of the average chocolate-covered almond.
    • Sugar per serving:
      • • Average Chocolate-Covered Almond 14g
      • • Blue Diamond Thin Dipped 6g
  • **28 Almonds have 5g plant protein per serving and are an excellent source of antioxidant Vitamin E and a good source magnesium.