Our Growers

A Legacy of Stories

Family is the Blue Diamond Way

The history of our cooperative is the story of our growers, including families who’ve passed on a pioneering spirit, a commitment to quality, and a love for the craft of bringing almonds to the world. Our Grower Series is a video series that features the hardworking families who carefully grow and harvest the freshest California almonds, as generations did before them. See how the next generation is carrying on the legacy of quality.

A Family Operation

When generations dedicate their lives to one operation, you know it’s more than work. It’s a livelihood.

Growing Since 1982

A family adventure that began in 1982 continues with the Indart Family.

Family Comes First

A tried-and-true family operation.

With over 3,000 growers in our co-operative, we are always looking for new ways to bring the benefit of almonds to the world. Whether it’s our snack almonds, Nut-Thins, or Almond Breeze almondmilk, there are nearly countless ways to enjoy almonds the Blue Diamond way.