See How Almond Breeze® Compares

See How Almond Breeze® Compares


Almond Breeze® Original Almondmilk has fewer calories than 2% dairy milk, and contains more Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Calcium per 8oz serving. See comparison below.

Almond Breeze® Original Almondmilk

2% Dairy*


2.5gTotal Fat5g
0gSaturated Fat2.5g
0gTrans Fat0g
0mg/0% DVCholesterol20mg/7% DV
8gTotal Carbs12g
<1gDietary Fiber0g
7gTotal Sugars12g
7gAdded Sugars0g
15% DVVitamin A25% DV
25% DVVitamin D15% DV
50% DVVitamin E0% DV
35% DVCalcium25% DV
4% DVIron0% DV
4% DVPotassium8% DV
0% DVRiboflavin25% DV
2% DVPhosphorus20% DV

*1 cup of 2% dairy milk contains 310mg of calcium vs 1 cup of Almond Breeze® contains 450mg of calcium.

*Data from USDA Food Data Central NDB 1079

**Based on the leading brand of oatmilk

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