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Almond Facts Magazine, July/August 2012

Almond Facts cover, January/February 2012      

As the 2012 harvest draws close, Blue Diamond ushers in an Olympic-sized advertising campaign and increases its presence on the world stage.

Topics for the July/August issue include updates from Blue Diamond's marketing teams, a record audit score from the Salida plant and much more!


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What's Inside

Olympics Ad Campaign

North American Retail Division teams up with top ad agency to launch Olympic-sized broadcast and print campaign. Read story

New Ingredients Website

Blue Diamond's Global Ingredients Division launches new website that targets food scientists and research and development professionals. Read story

Almond Breeze Launches in U.K.

The International Retail Division launches eight new products to U.K. - four Almond Breeze products and four Snack Almonds! Read story

Importance of Almond-Only

Keeping non-almond allergens away from the crop as it flows throughout the supply chain is of the utmost importance to Blue Diamond’s quality assurance program. Read story