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The Almond People will celebrate 100 years of innovative vision, determination and leadership led by the people who were and are Blue Diamond Growers. The venerable cooperative grew from a vulnerable association of 230 almond growers to become the world’s largest and most respected almond processing and marketing powerhouse.  It made the perilous journey on the backs of visionary leaders committed to the idea that only through cooperative marketing could family farmers compete in the rough and tumble markets of the world. 

That vision translated into more equitable returns for grower/members, a guaranteed home for their crops and an ever-expanding market for their products.  Almost single-handedly it created an industry out of a loose collection of growers and shippers, an industry that swept from being a minor player in the world market to its current status as a global leader in growing, processing and marketing almonds.  Today the California almond industry produces over 80 percent of the world supply and leads the state as the largest food export!

Bob Hennigan

Bob Hennigan — Chico, CA

Bob Hennigan’s family has been a member of Blue Diamond Growers since our founding in 1910.

James McFarlane

James McFarlane — Clovis, CA

Son of a former Blue Diamond Board Chairman, James McFarlane’s family has been growing almonds since the mid-1960s.