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Contracts & Payments


Crop Agency Agreement

Blue Diamond® Growers offers a five-year contract agreement covering a grower's entire production.

Two-Year, Non-Member Purchase and Sale Agreement

Allows growers to market part or all of their acreage with Blue Diamond for a two-year period.

Long-Term Fixed Rate Contract

Periodically offered for members who wish to lock in a specific amount of their crop in exchange for a guaranteed return.


Our Premium Program

Increases grower returns by compensating them for top quality almond deliveries. Each almond delivery can earn additional payments based on the level of rejects, foreign material and chipped and broken almonds.

Flexible Payments

Using our Accelerated or Deferred Payment Programs, growers can tailor their payments to match their cash flow needs.

Pre-Harvest Advance Payments

Based on crop insurance and actual crop set, provides growers with an alternative method of crop financing.

Stockpile Advance Payment Program

Provides interest free funds to those growers who are unable to deliver their crops immediately after harvest.