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Our Story

Almond Quality is Our Legacy

Quality doesn’t happen by chance. Innovation is not a given.

Farmer checking blossoms
Barn wind dial

It’s the fruit of commitment to a craft, and care woven into every step of the process. It’s a beautiful reward for countless subtle decisions.

And as a co-op of more than 3,000 growers, with one guiding goal, to bring the benefits of almonds to the world, we’ve been pioneering how almonds are enjoyed for over 100 years.

Blue Diamond products
Almond ingredients on a table
A generation of Blue Diamond almond growers.

Our diverse line of products are a measure of care and consistency, nurtured by the hands and minds of generations of growers, and an organization that knows that creating a quality product is more than a job.

It’s who we are.

We are The Almond People.

The Blue Diamond Family