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Taste the Difference

Almond Breeze® Almondmilk pours on the goodness and deliciousness.

A man drinking a glass of almondmilk

Nutritious & Delicious

50% more calcium and 46% fewer calories than dairy. Plus, if you are not satisfied with the taste, we guarantee your money back.*

No Artificial Flavors

Crafted from the best Blue Diamond® almonds with natural flavors.

Glass of almondmilk on a tray of almonds

No Additives

Almond Breeze® Almondmilk is Gluten-Free, Carrageenan-Free, and has no MSG.


Almond & Oat Has Arrived

A perfect blend of Almondmilk and Oatmilk.

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Almond Breeze Almond & Oat Blend

Great for Everyone.
Great in Everything.

There’s a variety of Almond Breeze® Almondmilk to please everyone, any time of the day.

Floating almonds

From The Orchard to Your Kitchen

Blue Diamond is a big, multi-generational family of over 3,000 California almond growers. We’re here to bring you the best almonds for the best almondmilk.

Almond Breeze® Meets Augmented Reality.

Grab a carton of Almond Breeze® to step into the shoes of our growers and experience our orchards – all on your smartphone!

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