Pollinators are critical for almond production each spring, and the honeybee is the most important pollinator partner for almond growers. At Blue Diamond we want to protect and nourish honeybees so we promote healthy bees as well as a healthy crop of almonds.

Water for honey bees in an almond orchard
Our Water for Bees program. The burlap cover on the bucket gives bees a safe place to land when getting a drink.

Our growers are strongly encouraged to develop long-term relationships with beekeepers to mutually ensure honeybee health and adopt the Honeybee Best Management Practices developed by the Almond Board of California. In addition, we have formal partnerships with leading honeybee health organizations such as Project Apis m. and the Pollinator Partnership. Many of our growers take part in programs such as Seeds for Bees and Water for Bees, and we are incentivizing growers to become Bee Friendly Farming Certified. These programs provide pollinator-friendly flora in and around the orchards and clean water hydration stations to provide the resources honeybees need to flourish before and after the almond bloom.

Blue Diamond's growers have contributed significant funding to more than 120 research projects through the Almond Board of California. These projects span all major factors impacting honeybees: varroa mites, pests & diseases, genetic diversity, pesticide exposure, and forage and nutrition.

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