Brittle California Almond Brittle

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Brittle California Almond Brittle

Brittle California is a Sacramento, California based company specializing in artisan almond brittle.

*BRITTLE BUZZ is a bold and robust mouthful of espresso and salted almond caramel confection, as addicting as your morning coffee.

*BRITTLE POP is a luscious, buttery, salty-sweet confection that will leave you questioning how Brittle California will ever top this.

*BRITTLE COCO - let the taste of coconut, salted almond and white chocolate take you on a moment of vacation! 

*BRITTLE CINN - a combination of cinnamon, dark chocolate and almonds veiled in the essence of Mexican Hot Chocolate.  

Our two-pack includes one 8-ounce bag of BRITTLE BUZZ and BRITTLE POP. 

Our four-pack includes one 8-ounce bag of each flavor. 



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