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Founders and Executives


Clinton Shick
Dan Cummings has been a member of the Blue Diamond board of directors since 2006. 

Historical Background of Progression from President to Chairman of Blue Diamond Growers since 1910:

1910-1922: B.G. Walton, President*(Yolo County)
1922-1929: George W. Pierce, Jr, President
1929-1936: C.D. Hamilton, President
1936-1938: M.B. Ayars, President
1938-1943: H.C. McMahon, President
1943-1947: Charles Dumars, President
1947-1950: Ray Vaughn, President
1950-1960: Delbert Birdseye (Chico), President and the first time 3-year term limits were set
1960-1987: Fred Montgomery (Chico), Chairman and first time the term "President" referred to the previous position of "Manager"
1987-1991: William McFarlane (Clovis), Chairman
1992-2006: Howard Isom (Chico), Chairman
2006-2014: Clinton Shick (McFarland), Chairman

2014-present: Dan Cummings (Chico), Chairman

*note that President is now Chairman which changed when Fred Montgomery became the first board member to be referred to as Chairman