The Rosemary-Flax Spirit

A pairing of Rosemary and Sea Salt Almonds with Artisan Flax Seeds Nut-Thins build a bold & robust charcuterie board with mild smokey flavors.

Get your holiday board started with the recipe below.

Step One

Bold & Robust

Starting off this charcuterie board, the bold flavors of robust rosemary and sea salt are the perfect pairing to enhance the mild flavors of smoked salmon. While the earthy flavor of flax seeds and the smoky aroma of romesco create a delicious, crunchy bite.

Step Two

Refreshingly Sweet & Tart

Now two intense flavors, piney rosemary and tangy orange marmalade, mingle to create a refreshing sweet-tart fusion. Layer in the smooth texture of red Anjou pear to balance the crisp nuttiness of the flax seed nut-thins.

Step Three

Contrasting Flavors

For an unlikely twist, herbaceous rosemary coupled with rich dark chocolate truffles makes for a delightful, bittersweet pairing. Contrast this with the explosive tartness from pomegranates. Adorned in a medley of holiday herbs, creamy goat cheese pairs wonderfully with the crunch of flax seeds, and the salty tang of marinated artichoke hearts helps to round out the textural and flavor contrasts of this holiday board.

Rosemary & Flax Process Video

Watch the process video to see how to build this board.