Jolly Pink Salt & Chia

A pairing of Pink Himalayan Salt Almonds with Artisan Chia Seeds Nut-Thins balance earthy flavors in this sweet & tangy charcuterie board.

Get your holiday board started with the recipe below.

Step One

Explore Tangy Essence

Begin this holiday board with the sweet and tangy essence of dried apricots, which is enriched by a touch of pink Himalayan sea salt. With its earthy, sweet flavor, beetroot hummus is the ideal spread to enhance chia seed’s equally sweet aroma.

Step Two

Develop Your Textures

Add in the soft and smooth texture of pickled deviled eggs to match the crunchy almonds and pops of pink sea salt. For a touch of sweetness to the board, winter squash is roasted to perfection, releasing a caramelized sweetness that pairs brilliantly with the sweet-nuttiness of chia seeds.

Step Three

Balance With Salt

Now a touch of sea salt is all it takes to balance the flavors of mini chili-paprika spiced mozzarella balls and red pepper skewers. Roast beef, the quintessential holiday serving, is amplified when draped over crunchy chia seed nut-thins, adding heartiness to the pairings. The sharp but sweet flavor of aged Gouda and mild flavored goat cheese enrobed in dried cranberries round out the holiday flavor of the board.

Salt & Chia Process Video

Watch the process video to see how to build this board.