A Tale of Herbs & Sesame

A pairing of Garlic Herb & Olive Oil Almonds with Artisan Sesame Seeds Nut-Thins compliment this sweet & salty charcuterie board with a rich, nutty aroma.

Get your holiday board started with the recipe below.

Step One

Lay the Foundation

Start off this charcuterie board with notes of the Mediterranean as garlic almonds mingle with salty feta and buttery castelvetrano olives. Zesty, flavorful pesto pops when spread atop nutty sesame nut-thins.

Step Two

Add Some Sweet

To this we add vibrant sweet red pimento peppers, which are a beautiful ode to the holidays and a perfect complement to the nutty aroma of garlic and olive oil almonds. The sesame nut-thins are the perfect way to delicately balance the rich, salty flavor of thin prosciutto slices adding depth to the board.

Step Three

Build Some Heat

For a heartier component, sopressata's sweet and savory notes are wonderfully complemented by blistered padron peppers, slightly charred to mellow the heat. The nutty aroma of sesame seeds nicely balances the honey-like sweetness of fresh figs. Add brie cheese topped with honey to balance out the flavors of this holiday charcuterie board.

Herbs & Sesame Process Video

Watch the process video to see how to build this board.