Make Back to School Mealtime a Breeze

It's that time of the year again where kids go BACK TO SCHOOL! That means clothes, school supplies, afterschool activities, and practices. Blue Diamond Almond Breeze has prepared recipe ideas for busy moms and dads with kids returning to school! All these recipes with almondmilk are simple and quick to prepare, and some even have time-shaving shortcuts. Best of all, these recipes are kid-friendly and delicious!

Balanced Breakfasts

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Back2School New OvernightOats

Easy Wholesome Weeknight Dinners

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Chic Pot Pie biscuit_md

Delicious After School Snacks

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Ranch Dip_md


What's the best way for busy parents to feed hungry, growing kids?
Try these quick, kid-friendly breakfast recipes, with simple customizable options to mix and match flavors!


How can parents make meals that are fast and simple to prepare yet delicious?
Try adding one of these to your weekly dinner rotation and list of family favorites.


How can you encourage your kids to stay on track, even when snacking?
Try these fun, easy-to-prepare recipes that the kids can grab and go.


From Orchard
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