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Jeremy Fredriks

Photo of Jeremy Fredriks 

Jeremy Fredriks truly has a passion for producing the best quality almonds possible.

“That’s what I enjoy doing,” says Jeremy, a third-generation grower from Chowchilla, California. “I’ve grown up with almonds all my life—I just really enjoy them.”

Despite being only 32 years old, Jeremy isn’t a newcomer to Blue Diamond Growers. His father, who grows almonds near Ripon, has been a member since 1950.

Jeremy’s interest in almonds and the co-op prompted him to participate in Blue Diamond’s Leadership Program recently.  The program provides growers ages 21 to 40 with the skills they’ll need to lead the almond industry.

“I wanted to get more involved in the co-op,” he says. “I wanted to learn where the almonds go after they are harvested from the field and all the different things that are involved.”

Jeremy already has put some of what he’s learned to work promoting almonds’ healthful features to friends and family. His father-in-law, Rob Hunter, now carries a small plastic bag of raw almonds in his truck for a daily snack.

“If I can win over my father-in-law, I guess I can win over anybody,” Jeremy says, laughing.

It’s too soon to say whether the fourth generation of Fredriks will follow in his footsteps since his daughter is only 9 months old.  But chances are good she’ll learn about almonds as she grows up, since Jeremy and his family live next to the orchards.