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Your Blue Diamond® Growers Member Relations Department provides a wide range of services, assisting Blue Diamond's® member-growers in producing top yielding, high quality crops that earn the highest possible returns. Our staff of local Field Supervisors provides expert assistance in their geographic area regarding decisions on variety selection, cultural practices, quality control and payment timing as well as crop and market information. Field Supervisors also act as a daily liaison between the membership and Blue Diamond's® management providing insight into Blue Diamond's® operations and conveying member's questions and information back to management.

Blue Diamond® members may obtain account information and history by simply contacting their local Field Supervisor or the Sacramento or Salida membership offices.

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    The February California Almond Industry Position Report placed industry shipments for the month at 149.3 million pounds, a 6.7% decline from the 160.0 million pounds in February 2013. While shipments to the export market declined by 18.8% to 94.9 million pounds, deliveries into the domestic trade continue to register stellar performance, reaching 54.5 million pounds, 26.1% greater than the amount shipped one year ago...