Company Info

Blue Diamond® - For Long Term Stability

Our owners are California almond growers. Employees at Blue Diamond® Growers will provide a competitive and secure return relative to the competition.

There are several reasons why well-managed cooperatives offer growers long-term stability. Many of these factors are not apparent in a profit and loss statement. Unlike its competitors, Blue Diamond® must provide its financial report annually. In addition to its strong financial ratios, other factors that make cooperatives, like Blue Diamond®, the most stable, long-term choice of industry growers include:

  • The ability to market almonds in both basic and value added forms to serve diversified food companies.
  • A proven ability to succeed in a given niche with a strong market share made possible by a well-recognized brand.
  • Long-term marketing plans that result in steady demand and readily available outlets with a competitive return, even in difficult market environments.