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Southern California - February 15, 2013

This report covers the conditions and observation made during the week of February 10, 2013.

This report’s photos for the southern region present the pink tip stage of the Sonora, followed by a Sonora/ Nonpareil planting under irrigation in the Madera area of Madera County and the early green tip stage of the Nonpareil in Kern County.

Clear skies with occasional light, patchy morning fog reigned over the southern San Joaquin Valley during the week. Morning low temperatures were reported predominately in the lower 30’s with coldest locations dipping into the upper 20’s. Daily maximum temperatures increased daily during the period, rising from the mid and upper 50’s at the start of the week into the upper 60’s to just over 70 degrees by week’s end.

The 2013 bloom is rapidly approaching, supported by the dry, sunny conditions. Observers are reporting that the early blooming Sonora variety is now moving into the pink tip stage with a few occasional open flowers become visible in advanced plantings around the region. This is also the case in the Fritz and Price varieties, with particularly advanced examples of these types also presenting buds in the popcorn stage at the tops of the trees.

As may be seen in the photo accompanying this report, growers around the region who have water available have been irrigating their orchards in an effort to provide much needed moisture. Irrigation is typically a year-around activity in the southern extreme of the southern San Joaquin Valley. However, this year’s dry weather has prompted growers throughout the region to provide supplemental water.

Observers are reporting that bee hives have been delivered to approximately 90% of the region’s orchards. Deliveries will continue throughout the coming week until all orchards have received their hives.

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Photos: Ernie Reichmuth and Gerald Guthrie, 2/15/13
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