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Almond Facts Magazine, March/April 2012

Almond Facts cover, January/February 2012      

The almond bloom is over and the honeybees have left the orchards. Check out what's happening this spring at Blue Diamond Growers.

Topics for the March/April issue include new marketing programs, recaps of seminars from the 2011 annual meeting, an overview of foreign material in deliveries and much more!


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What's Inside

"Heart-Check" Approved for Blue Diamond Packaging

North American Retail Division teams up with the American Heart Association to help consumers make healthy choices. Read story

Global Ingredients Division

Name change better aligns Global Ingredients Division as "Leader in Almonds." Read story

Foreign Material

Deliveries containing true foreign material, such as hard plastics, are risky and cost more to process. Read story

Field Supervisor Retires

Veteran fieldman Daryl Brun retires after 33 years of dedication to Blue Diamond Growers. Read story